Adam Lisagor är amerikanska startups video-go-to-guy

Häromdagen såg jag reportaget som The Verge har gjort om videobyrån Sandwich Video som ofta gör videoproduktion åt amerikanska startups. De gjorde sig kända när de gjorde en video till sin egen app som de skapade för ett par år sen och sen efter det började andra startups höra av sig för att få egna informativa videos.

Deras affärsmodell bygger på att antingen ta en del av bolaget och en mindre summa för produktionen eller för större förtag så kostar det i runda slängar som en vanlig reklamfilm. De förklarar sina tre olika prismodeller enligt följande:

1. Indie developers and small, bootstrapped startups. These are nearest to our hearts because this is where we came from, but we honestly don’t take many of these clients anymore. We love that they embody the spirit of risk-taking that makes good things happen, and in that spirit, when we work with these clients, we’ll structure payment as part cash and part equity and/or revenue share based on sales. This can be great for clients without a lot of capital, and it can be great for us if the investment pays off. If we love what you’re working on, if we know that it’s one-of-a-kind and it’ll captivate the world, and we like who’s behind it, we’ll work with you as an investment, in exchange for your trust in our taste, a little bit of cash, and a nice amount of upside. These videos cost one dollar sign. $

2. Reasonably well-funded startups. These make up the bulk of our clients. They’ve got the interest of some people with money to invest, they think (know) that their product is going to be a lot bigger than it is now, and they’re happy to put some money into the video to get it right. When we work with these clients, we almost always carve out a little upside for ourselves in the form of equity (when we’re early enough for that to be meaningful) and revenue share (when the product we’re helping sell will translate to real revenue in the short term). And this can help offset some or all of the fees we collect to, you know, pay ourselves. These videos cost two dollar signs. $$

3. Big corporations. We’re doing more and more of these lately. Sometimes for web, sometimes even for TV! They can be fun because there are resources to do things correctly—to make things look amazing, without squeezing the rates of the many talented people who work with us, and because big companies have been known to innovate just as well as smaller, more agile ones. Some of our favorite clients have been enormous brands that respect the creative and know what it takes to make great things and have giant bags of money. These videos cost three dollar signs. $$$

Ett ganska enkelt sätt att förklara deras prismodell. Om man kollar på deras videos så är de också väldigt jordnära men samtidigt välproducerade. Jag gillar verkligen själv deras produktioner och vad de gjort för amerikanska startups. Se bara här nedan på exemplet med startupen Coin

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